> I’ve been feeling the pressure of urgency again, wanting to accomplish all my ideas in the shortest amount of time.

I resonate with this a ton. It is a feeling that often paralyzes me, and I've been figuring out how to handle it productively and convert it into energy; my approach has been to focus on fewer things as I tend to require depth/proficiency to feel fulfilled for at least some of those things.

I've also been asking myself a question, kinda along the same lines as your two —: from who am I, and what do I want? I get to a desire for happiness — so how do I get there? haven't really figured out all the answers, but it was cool reading some of your thoughts here. one thing that occurred to me in how you answered "who am I?" — it almost felt like it was more of an answer to "what am I?". you were defining who you were by what you did or created. (a programmer is one who programs, a writer who writes, etc). Is there another way to answer that question?

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Manic ideas is really resonating

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