Apr 25, 2021Liked by Spencer Chang

I love the message from the tweet! I wracked my brain trying to think of a quote I heard several years ago, but I couldn't remember it even with the help of Google 😭 Anyway, it was something along the lines of how when you're a kid, you wish to be an adult, and when you're an adult, you dream of retiring, and then before you know it, you're near the end of your life 😅 So I think the moral of that quote is similar in that you should treasure the present day.

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You do an awesome job of expressing importance/passion in your writing. I think that was my first impression when I stumbled on your newsletter recently; that sense of what you were saying and how you were saying it mattered to you and it was refreshing. Also, I get the struggle of words mattering and how that can be paralyzing at times so I love the 100-day rough(ish) draft goal!

Which is why my main reason for commenting (and dealing with substack forcing me to register)

is to give you a hard time about that 500-word limit idea =D I mean, correct me if I'm wrong but this is like day 2 and you totally overshot it! I figure it's a perfect example of the way you communicate that importance. It's keeping the main thing, the main thing, even if it means breaking the marketing suggestions a bit. Plus, at some point in the 100 days, you may hit that "trudging through quicksand" wall so it'll all balance out.

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