the first substack post and a new piece!

A critical re-evaluation of the tenets of Silicon Valley and an exploration of society and identity.

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for subscribing to my mailing list. It’s been a little quiet as I’ve settled back into SF after an escape to Colorado for a month, and it’s been nice to get settled into a more permanent place. It’s been a little quiet from me with respect to new writing as I’ve started a lot of pieces but failed to finish. I think with everything going on in the world, everything that yearns for time has required increasingly stringent standards to justify properly taking care of them. Every choice seems to matter a lot more than it did before, and while it’s been a nice inflection point to evaluate what really matters, it’s obviously tough to have to critically evaluate a lot of the things that have basically become autopilot.

All that being said, I’m excited to be announcing a new post that I just published. After a year living in SF, I recently took some time to evaluate my relationship with the city and consider why I had desired so much to come here in the first place and wrestle with how wanting to do good for the world can be hard to achieve in reality. Click on the link below to read it in full!

would love to hear thoughts esp. if you have a different experience and sign up with your email if you want to receive updates on new writing in your inbox!

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