paradox of apps, opportunity, and intensity (59-62/100 📝 )

This week I’ve been waxing on the tragedy of our current software mechanisms for expressing and sharing pieces of ourselves and honing in on this life transition that people go through towards embracing their true intensity and unadulterated authentic expression.

app paradox 59/100: 09/28

Social apps have misaligned incentives with what is best for individuals and communities.

internet of empty promises 60/100: 09/29

Link rot kills our digital history.

opportunity 61/100: 09/30

I never want to tone down my intensity or dilute my flavor for the sake of others.

intensity 62/100: 10/01

Intensity means that you're living and experiencing more of the life that's passing by around you.

Gotten some feedback that people actually prefer the daily emails, but I’m going to try this format a couple more times just to get a greater feel. Again let me know what you think if you have thoughts on this vs. an email a day for each essay that I write!