👋 I’m Spencer, a creative technologist, and I use this space to share my explorations into more human-oriented, communal, agencyful technology and my various forays into creative endeavors (poems, fashion, etc.)

I’m interested in how humans think, connect, and create, and how we can use those properties to build a better world and society for us and our future generations. I also have an interest in writing fiction because I think fiction provides a framework to imagine a drastically different sort of world. I want to bridge the idealistic what-ifs of fiction with the pragmatic steps to make it happen in the real world.

Currently, I’m interested broadly in the following:

  • creative agency
    how we can give users more agency in the software they use or are used by every day and what does a healthy relationship with technology look like?

  • soft tech
    how do we create software that encourages tinkering and authentic expression, where making crazy connections is necessary rather than a nuisance?

  • people over systems
    what sort of systems do we need to create a society that cares about enabling every person to live with the privilege to pursue their dreams and create something that they can truly own?

  • authentic expression
    how do we create environments that provide a low-pressure context for people to fail and learn and scale that trust beyond small local communities?

  • living fully
    how do we live more fully and intensely and learn to trust ourselves to express ourselves without caveats?

Check out all my stuff on my website! I write for emotional resonance so please reply and engage—I love to respond to questions and comments :)