👋 I’m Spencer, an engineer-writer-explorer and this is a space for me to share my quasi-raw curiosities and wanderings. Would love to hear what resonates and what doesn’t sit right with you! Feel free to reply with your thoughts.

Should you subscribe, expect to find a wide variety of topics cross your inbox from this corner of the Internet including whimsical fictional short stories, existential poems, and idealistic proposals. I’m interested in how humans think, connect, and create, and how we can use those properties to build a better world and society for us and our future generations. I also have an interest in writing fiction because I think fiction provides a framework to imagine a drastically different sort of world. I want to bridge the idealistic what-ifs of fiction with the pragmatic steps to make it happen in the real world.

I also do longer-form and fictional pieces on my website, and the evergreen pieces I send from substack are preserved there.